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Namdroling Tsepal Topkyed Hospital

Namdroling  Tsepal  Topkyed Hospital

Dear Friends,

In 2001, under the guidance of, His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, the construction of Namdroling Tsepal Topkyed Hospital in the rural area of Southern India started. It was His Holiness wish that this hospital provide medical care for the approximately 4,000 ordained of Namdroling Monastery. This number includes many children and elderly. The purpose of the hospital was to also serve the many thousands of individuals from the surrounding rural villages and Tibetan refugee settlements. This hospital is the only available and affordable place for these individuals to obtain basic medical care.

Namdroling  Tsepal  Topkyed Hospital

In 2009, Dr. Ananthu, from Columbia Asia Hospital, and Khenpo Sonam Tsewang, joined the team and a six member Board of Directors including HE Gyangkhang Rinpoche, HE Muksang Rinpoche and Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche was established. In 2010, Namdroling Tsepal Topkyed Hospital was registered as a forty bed hospital. Due to the regulations of the Indian government to maintain status as a registered hospital much of the hospital equipment needed to be upgraded and new equipment needed to be purchased. Through the dedication and effort of our sister centers in Alexandria, Virginia and New York and the kind and generous hearts of many disciples from centers far and wide a fully equipped laboratory was established in 2011 along with a digital X-ray and tele-radiology facility, ultrasound scanning capability and an emergency care center. This was made possible by your generous donations of about $184,000.00 in US dollars. Thank you to all who helped make this possible.

Namdroling  Tsepal  Topkyed Hospital

There is still much work to be done to further establish this badly need hospital that was the sacred wish of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche. Based on the request of our Spiritual Director, Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso, our Palyul Center in Ohio is to be the home base for hospital fund raising for 2012. Recently the Indian Government informed Namdroling Tsepal Topkyed Hospital that further equipment was need for the hospital to maintain a registered status. A modular operating theater, ICU recovery/post surgery facility and labor unit along with dialysis facility needs to be established and maintained. A fully equipped ambulance needs to be purchased and a cafe/canteen needs to be established. After researching the cost of the mentioned items and facilities the total needed amounts to $380.000.00 in US dollars. Approximately $80,000.00 has been raised. The Indian government set October 2012 as the deadline for compliance. If compliance is not met not only will the hospital be shut down but a fine that would amount to at least $15,000.00 would have to be paid.

Namdroling  Tsepal  Topkyed Hospital

We cannot let the hospital be closed and fined and by the grace of the Buddhas this money will be raised! This facility is need by the not only by the ordained of Namdroling but it is need for the Tibetan refugees and people of the countryside. We have come too far to let His Holiness Penor Rinpoche’s wish be stalled at this time. Please open your heart and contribute what you can to help the hospital continue. Mention this worthy cause to your family and friends. Make your check payable to Hospital Fund and send it to Palyul Ohio, PO Box 202, Richfield, OH 44286 or send a payment through PayPal by logging into your PayPal account and sending money to with a note for hospital fund. If you have questions contact

May all beings benefit.

Yours in the Dharma,

Cathy Lee