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Prayer Requests

Prayer is more than an expression of hope. Prayer carries with it a transformative seed that over time brings blessings and positive change. We perform prayers for spiritual awakening (liberation) which brings freedom from suffering.

At Palyul Ohio the Sangha meets regularly for practice and on special lunar calendar days throughout the month (except for breaks during holiday times and summer retreat). These practices include prayers, visualizations and mantras and are done to heal oneself and others, remove obstacles to one’s practice and in one’s life, and to dispel suffering for all.

If you would like Palyul Ohio to keep you, or a loved one, in mind during our practices, email Please include the name of the person you’d like us to keep in mind as we practice, and if you wish, indicate the reason why. Your prayer request can be as general or as specific as you wish. Prayer requests are taken very seriously and with great compassion. You may also request the Sangha to keep your prayer request in mind during specific practices and during specific holy days.

May all beings benefit.

Image by Sanjay Hona
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