Upcoming Practices

You are invited to come to our temple or join us online to participate in this week's dharma activities led by Lama Jigme. We look forward to meeting you.

For more additional information please sign up for our news letter or contact pcdo@palyulohio.orgPlease note that all times are EST (UTC-5) unless otherwise specified. 

6:30 pm, Wed. Nov. 30
Introduction to Buddhism, Session 2

6:30 pm, Thur. Dec. 1

Medicine Buddha

9:30 am, Sat. Dec. 3
Shower of Blessing Tsok*

9:30 am, Sun. Dec. 4
Morning Practice & Guru Yoga

*Bringing candles, flowers, food, drink, or a donation will generate merit
All times are Eastern Standard Time; Asia time is 13 hours ahead


Introduction to Buddhism
The series of one-hour fifteen minute introductory class sessions for new people interested in Buddhism will continue on the next three Wednesday evenings. All are welcome to join. Session two (November 30) will review the Four Noble Truths, focusing on the Four Thoughts, and introduce Mahāyana Buddhism. Session three (December 7) will focus on the Mahāyana practice of taking the Bodhisattva Vow and introduce Vajrayana Buddhism (commonly known as Tibetan Buddhism). Session four (December 14) will focus on Vajrayana Buddhism and the particular practices of our Nyingma tradition. All sessions, taught by a senior student, will include 15 minutes of meditation. All are welcome to join any session.

Medicine Buddha

On Thursday, the auspicious eighth lunar day, we will engage in Medicine Buddha to heal diseases, overcome obstacles, and achieve temporary and ultimate happiness for all.

Shower of Blessing Tsok

On Friday, we will offer a Shower of Blessings tsok, a guru yoga practice based on the Seven-line Prayer.

Morning Practice & Guru Yoga

On Saturday, we will continue our weekly practices of Riwo Sangchö (Mountain Smoke Offering), Homages to the Twenty-One Taras, and Guru Yoga.